Advantages and prospect of wind power

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The prospect of wind power generation

In contemporary world, oil, gas and coal remain as the mainstay of energy resources. However, the limitation and pollution of fossil energy threaten human society development. As published by United Nations Environment Programme ( UNEP ): To 2020, the global energy consumption is going to increase by 50% to 100%, thus causing green house gas emission to increase by 45% to 90%, which would be catastrophes. Therefore, adopting renewable energy and cutting green house gases is urgent to build a stable and sustainable society. With more advantages and practicability, wind power has attracted global attention.

clean energy

Wind power generation is the major form of wind energy utilization. It features environment friendliness, mature technology, high stability, low cost and scale benefits, which make it the most rapidly developed energy technology. To meet the growing demand of wind turbine erection and maintenance, TICO has developed an innovative wind tower climbing crane. With high efficiency, strong stability and competitive price, it is a prior choice for wind power industry.

wind tower climbing crane

Advantages of wind power

Lester Brown, an American scholar and director of Earth Policy Institute, pointed out in his new book B model: We advocate wind energy application for the reason that it is abundant, economical and inexhaustible. Further more, wind energy is clean and available in vast areas, which induces no influence to climate. Until now, we can hardly find any resources with so much advantages as wind energy.

Wind power generation can be applied flexibly. It can work separately or connect to the power grid, as well as cooperate with other energy technology to form complementary generation systems. Wind power plant serve as electricity supplement to State Grid, while mini-type wind turbine generator meet household electric power demand in remote areas. Wind power generation is one of the energy technologies with the best prospect of large-scale development and business operation. As a country rich in wind power conservation, China is obliged to develop wind power as a way to improve energy supply and optimize electric structure.

Wind energy is the most clean and non-polluting renewable energy. Having analyzed the carbon emission of various electricity generation methods, researchers conclude that wind power generation represents superior cleanliness. Developing wind energy is conducive to cut emission and prevent climate change. It can not only reduce environment pollution, but also alleviate the pressure of energy.

wind electricity plant

Wind power is inexhaustible. Wind arise from the atmosphere motion caused by temperature difference of the earth surface. Based on estimation by experts, the available wind energy around the world is 20 billion KW, 10 times the volume of hydro energy. It is no exaggeration to produce 8% to 9% of the world’s total electricity generation with only 1% of world’s wind energy. As predicted by relevant department, China has 1.6 billion wind power available.

In addition, there is no fuel consumption during wind power conversion process, thus causing no destroy to environment. In a macroscopic view, to produce wind turbine materials we have to consume fossil energy. But compared with the electricity generated by wind turbine, such carbon emission is negligible. Wind towers take up little farmland, doing little harm to natural environment. The cost is relatively low and the construction period is short.

Distribution of global wind energy

Europe is advanced in wind energy exploitation. It is endowed with abundant wind energy mainly distributed in costal areas. In Asia and Africa, wind energy resources are located in open areas like steppes, deserts, plateaus and costal belts. North America has its wind power distributed in middle-east regions, as well as coastland in the west and east and the Caribbean. 20% of China’s land is rich in wind power resources, Xinjiang and inner-Mongolia in particular. Currently, China has made huge headway in the scale and technology of wind power development. As a clean, low-cost and renewable resource, wind energy possess immense development potential and market prospect.

wind power distribution

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