wind turbine crane

Wind power plays an important role in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and cutting greenhouse gas. We are obliged to pay more attention to wind turbines, the generator of wind power. Any mechanical problems like misbehaving gearboxes or damaged rotors keep turbines from maximizing renewable energy production.
wind turbine maintenance crane
Traditionally, normal cranes, such as crawler and mobile cranes, are involved in the wind turbine construction and maintenance. Given that some wind turbines rise 70 to 105 meters above the ground, where the winds are much stronger, only the heaviest cranes are able to undertake these works. And these kind of cranes are inconvenient to transport. Besides, the rapid expansion of wind power industry has strained crane resources. The wind turbine maintenance work may be delayed due to lack of suitable cranes even though spare parts are available. 
wind turbine crane
TICO is developing a special crane with self-climbing hydraulic lifting structure to address such problems. The self-climbing hydraulic platform is attached to the tower by multi-touch, with no harm to its surface. Having safety monitoring protecting system interlocks the hydraulic and clamping mechanism, the crane climbs steadily to the summit, where it can replace such major components as blades, hubs and gearboxes. This Chinese innovated design features automatic climbing, electric hydraulic drive, flexible operation, steady performance and efficient maintenance.
wind turbine crane working

Technical advantages of TICO wind power crane

  • When climbing wind turbine cranes, guide rollers made of wear resistance rubber rolls along the tower surface, leaving no scratch on it or damage to its anticorrosion layer, shape, strength, working life, etc. 
  • To achieve high strength and low weight, we have adopted finite element analysis to measure the stress and deformation of the key structure. 
  • There is a mechanical interlock system to protect the self-climbing structure and clamping device. With mechanical rather than electrical system, it can avoid electrical failure caused by fault operation.
  • The clamping jaw is equipped with multi-hydraulic cylinder. There is a pressure feedback device between the surface of claw and tower, avoiding the condition of loose, slippage, and so on. Meanwhile, it prevent too much stress between the crawler and tower from damaging the column or causing plastic deformation. In addition, the crawler, whose inside is made of rubber material with high friction index, will do no harm to the anticorrosion layer, shape, strength, service life of the wind tower. 
  • TICO wind power crane adopts auto crane boom as its hoisting device, which is more mature and reliable in technology. 
  • The hydraulic system adopts pilot control of high sensitivity and simple operation, with the function of overload memory and fault self-diagnosis.
  • By replacing the climber, TICO wind power crane can adjust its diameter to fit different models of 1.5 KW towers.
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