jib crane

jib crane Jib crane is a type of crane where a horizontal member (jib or boom), supporting a moveable hoist, is fixed to a wall or to a floor-mounted pillar. Its structure is unique, safe and reliable so that there are high efficiency, energy saving, time saving, labor saving, flexible characteristics. What’s more, jib crane can be controlled optionally in three dimensional space. Especially in short, intensive lifting occasions, it can show more unique superiority than other conventional lifting equipments. Jib crane widely used in workshops, warehouses, docks and other fixed places.Our company supply jib cranes with various specifications. No matter what kind of requirements do you have for the lifting weight, the rotation angle, the length of the arm and the function, we can offer you the best solution. There are mainly three types of jib crane: floor-mounted jib cranes, wall mounted jib crane, and wall traveling jib crane.
Environment condition:
  • The power supplied for jib crane is three - phase alternating current, rated power is 50HZ,rated voltage is 380V.
  • The altitude of the installation site of the crane is not more than 2000M.
  • There must be no inflammable and explosive and corrosive gas in the working environment of the crane.
  • Jib crane is not allowed to hoist the molten metal, toxic substances and flammable and explosive materials.

Floor-mounted jib crane

The upper rotary of floor-mounted jib crane adopts two tapered roller bearings to make the cantilever run more smoothly. The rotary device adopts cycloidal pin gear speed reducer because of small input power and large output torque. The infeed device is installed at the top of the upright post and it’s convenient for installation and maintenance. The column of the cane is fixed on the concrete foundation by anchor bolt.
floor mounted jib cranes

Wall mounted jib crane

Wall mounted jib crane, as another breakthrough in the jib crane, takes advantage of bolt angle iron fittings to fix the triangular bracket on the concrete wall or column. The swing arm hangs the bracket, the structure is simple, the operation is convenient, and the working space is big. Spiral arm can be installed with electric or manual hoist to lift heavy weights. Wall mounted jib crane is suitable for warehouse, dock, goods handling in short distance and provides the ideal lifting machinery. Use safely and reliable, flexible rotation, so as to reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve productivity.
wall mounted jib cranes

Wall traveling jib crane

Wall traveling jib crane is a kind of new lifting equipment. The running rail of machine is installed on the cement column, which can do the vertical movement along the rail, at the same time, electric hoist lifting can finish horizontal movement and lifting along the vertical movement. Wall traveling jib crane has greatly expanded the scope of operations so as to utilize the plant space effectively.
TICO wall travelling jib crane
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