portable crane

The weight of portable crane is between 1-5 tons and size can be customized according to customer needs, in general, it is an ideal tool for servicing, manufacturing and repairing. Our crane has the function of regulating height or distance and can provide flexible lifting space. At present, our clients include utilities, municipal maintenance (including subways, buses and construction facilities), scientific research institutions and the army's daily maintenance of heavy equipment.
Portable crane with lighter weight is running well, and can go to places where forklift trucks often do not. Our portable crane can adjust wheel-track to through the narrow aisle.

Portable gantry crane

portable gantry crane
 We are engaged in manufacturing and providing a full range of portable gantry cranes. Our portable gantry cranes are manufactured under the supervision of experts, strictly following the set of industry norms, for example, in the selection of steel or aluminum, fixed or adjustable. At the same time, experts ensure that adopt high quality materials to manufacture these gantry cranes. Our cranes are widely used for picking, transporting, and rotating loads. According to the range of requirements, customers can customize various specifications of portable gantry crane.
  • Available lifting height: up to 10m.
  • Available options: span, lifting height, size suitable for specific applications.
  • Lifting mode: manual or electromotion.

Portable jib crane

portable jib crane
Portable jib crane, mainly composed of an upright post, rotary arm and electric hoist components. The column is fixed on the concrete by anchor bolt; Electric hoist runs in a straight line in rotary arm I-steel, and lifts heavy objects, which is driven by the human arm rotation.
The crane has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, flexible rotation, wide operating range, which is suitable for docks, warehouses, workshops and so on. Electric hoist of that has superior performance, compact structure, smaller size, ergonomic design, so that the loading is easier and more secure. Due to its compact structure and excellent performance, at the same time it furthest shorten the limit distance of hook at the same time, portable jib crane improves space utilization effectively. The lightweight structure also has made it easy to update the equipment.
Features :
  • Robust construction
  • Excellent efficiency
  • Available up to 3T
  • Warranty of 12 Months
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