double girder bridge crane

The form of bridge crane looks like a horizontally operating single span flat slab bridge whose both ends are supported on two parallel tracks. Double girder bridge crane is an important equipment and tool that contributes to realize the production mechanization and automation in modern industry for lifting and transportation. Double girder bridge crane is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, iron and steel industry, chemical, railway transportation, port and dock, and logistics.

Double girder grab crane

Double girder grab crane is widely used for the bulk cargo loading and unloading in the electric power plant, freight yard, workshop, dock, etc. Electric grab bridge crane is mainly composed of box type bridge, grab trolley, trolley traveling mechanism, the driver's cab and electrical control system. Fetching device is a grab that can be able to grab the bulk material. There is a switching mechanism and lifting mechanism in the grab trolley, the grab were respectively hung on the opening and closing mechanism and lifting mechanism by four wire ropes. Opening and closing mechanism drives grab to close, in order to grab materials. When the bucket mouth closed, immediately start the lifting mechanism, so that four steel wire ropes can do lifting work with the average load. When unloading, only open the opening and closing mechanism, then the hopper is opened, and the inclined material is provided. In addition to the difference of lifting mechanism, the other parts of grab bridge crane is as same as the hook bridge crane.
double girder crab crane

Electric hoist bridge crane

Electric hoist bridge crane is characterized as the compact structure, low building headroom, light weight, and small wheel pressure. It is widely used for material loading, unloading, maintenance, and transportation in the machinery processing factory, auxiliary workshop of the metallurgical plant, warehouse, stock ground, electric and power plant. It can also replace the ordinary double girder bridge crane, used in the production workshop of textile industry and food industry. The working environment temperature is -25℃ ~40℃, and it is forbidden to use in the flammable and corrosive medium environment. This crane is equipped with two forms of operation: ground control and room operation.
electric hoist bridge crane

Electric double girder hook bridge crane

Electric double girder hook bridge crane is a widely used lifting machinery nowadays, its mainly composed with box girder, trolley, a trolley running mechanism and an electric control system. The fetching mechanism device is a hook.
The main girder is paved with a track, for the horizontal movement of trolley along the main girder direction. Main girder and box girder is welded, there is a joint arranged in the middle of the end girder, connected by joint, for bridge split transportation. There are three forms of operating mode: ground handle, wireless remote control and driver's room operation. This Electric double girder hook bridge crane can be equipped with motor grab, crane magnet, in order to meet the requirements for lifting various of material.
  • The lifting capacity of this crane is 3~250t,
  • It is suitable for the operation in the factories, warehouse, and freight station where the temperature is -10℃~40℃, and the relative humidity is not more than 85%.
  • It is forbidden to operate in the environment where flammable, explosive is, and is filled with corrosive gases.
electric double girder hook bridge crane

European series overhead crane with hook

Advantages of European series overhead crane with hook, which is a new generation crane
  • Small boundary dimensions , dependable performance, light dead weight, light wheel load and easy to operate. 
  • The cost of plant construction can be reduced because of Light wheel load and small boundary dimensions, which can save capital investment of lighting, heating and so on.
  • Reliable products performance and wear well, which can reduce failure rate and maintenance costs. Not only high quality utilization of   the spare parts, but also reduction of the total power can save the cost, it has remarkable energy- saving effect.
75t to 100t double girder crane
Specifications of electric overhead traveling crane with hook cap.75t-100t
Cap Main t 75 100
Aux. 20 20
Span m 13.5 16.5 19.5 22.5 25.5 28.5 31.5 16.5 19.5 22.5 25.5 28.5 31.5
Lifting Height 24 24
26 26
Duty A5 A5
Speed Main m/min 0.37~3.7 0.32~3.2
Aux. 0.57~5.7 0.57~5.7
Crab travelling 2.92~29.2 2.9~29
Trolley travelling 4.8~48 5.26~52.6
Limit dimensions L1 mm 705 775
L2 2075 2265
L 1070 1100
H 528 428 424 354 250
H1 362 362
Main dimensions H0 mm 400 500
H 2335 2435 2440 2970 3075
H2 2390 2540 2740 2890 3040 2550 2650 2555 2705 2905 3105
B 7700 7710
K 3600 3600
B1 227 252
F 24 174 374 524 674 186 286 190 340 540 740
Max.Wheel Load kn 263 271 279 288 295 305 313 315 325 340 350 361 371
Total Power kw 104.5 118 126
Crane rail recommended QU100 QU100
Power Supply 3-Phase A.C.50Hz 380v 3-Phase A.C.50Hz 380v
The above table is about lifting capacity of 75-100t, apart from this, TICO also has other capcity for 16-20t, 32-50t, 75-100t, 125-160t, 200-250t, 320/75t, our main double girder EOT crane includes: QD type hook double bridge crane, LH electric hoist double girder bridge crane, NLH type double girder EOT crane. if you are interested in these, plaese contact us. But if you want some low lifting capacity of eot cranes, for example lower than 10t, please look at single girder bridge crane.
Here is a vadio about our double girder overhead crane, welcome to tell us your requirements.
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