Demark has built the world’s largest wind turbine

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The world’s largest wind turbine AD8-180 has been erected in Demark. The wind blades are 88.4 meters long, stretching all the way across 8 buses. AD8-180 wind turbine dwarfs London Eye in its swept area. The install capacity is more than 8MW, which is the total electricity consumption of 10 thousand families. It is known to us that wind power is playing an increasingly important parts in energy supply. TICO developed specialized wind turbine construction crane to promote the wind power application.

wind blades swert area

Application of wind turbines in Demark

Demark is outstanding in offshore wind tower construction owing to its three-side coasts, lack of fossil fuel and policy support of the country. To achieve the target that wind power generation reaches up to 55000MW by 2030, Demark has established the world’s largest offshore wind power plant since 2002, with the total install capacity of 160mw. Recently, two wind turbine companies combined their technical advantages to build the world’s largest wind power generator.

It is reported by LM wind power company that it has been working with Adwen company to build the world’s largest wind turbine—AD8-180. It is composed of 3 wind blades as long as 88.4 meters, and a wind turbine with the diameter of 180m. After established, the install capacity of single wind generator can reach up to 8MW, meeting the electricity demand of 10 thousand households. AD8-180 is not only the world’s largest wind turbine, but also one of the largest artificial structure.

As the Business Green reported, batch production of this wind turbine will be realized in 2018. Even more exciting, the first batch of wind turbine prototypes will be built and go into operation by the end of this year. After test run, they will be integrated into the offshore wind power plant, which is expected to generate 500 MW electricity then.

offshore wind power plant

Advantages of this wind turbine

Building the world’s largest wind turbine is an unprecedented challenge, for it is a territory untouched by predecessors. We have pushed up the existing limitation of the industry.” Said by Luis Alvarez, the director of Adwen.

the world's longest wind blade

The construction of such huge wind turbine is an approach to reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and gain economic advantage over other energies. Compared with traditional wind turbine, AD8-180 boasts enormous install capacity and at least 25-year service life.

Wind turbine blades design

To match up to the AD8-180 wind turbine, LM company developed the world’s longest and the most advanced blades, with the length of 88.4 meters. “It means a significant headway for us to develop such huge wind turbine blades,” said by Roel Schuring, the vice president of LM company. “ this is the most competitive product in offshore industry, because we adopt the best combination of materials.

wind turbine blade layer

Traditional aluminous material are susceptible to rain water corrosion. Therefore, the engineering team developed a new material and layer with fivefold durability, which can sustain wicked offshore climate. Meanwhile, huge dimension makes it more vulnerable to lightening. The team made strict test on the safety of wind turbine by simulating lightening strike. Moreover, the wind turbine blades adopt the latest technology to increase the output of wind power.

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