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About crane
Crane is such hoisting machinery that mainly used to lift heavy things and move them to some certain places horizontally. Generally speaking, crane equipped with wire ropes or chains, a hoist rope and sheaves, which is convenient for crane to lift and transport heavy materials. As we all know, sometimes, there are some things that beyond human’s capacity, such as much heavier things, human can’t lift them to the other places, thus in this condition, crane indicates its advantages. There are many kinds of cranes like jib crane, bridge crane, tower crane, portable crane and gantry crane etc.
About gantry crane
Gantry crane, also called portal crane, is the different form of bridge crane, usually, gantry crane and bridge crane (or overhead crane) can be used interchangeably. The whole structure of gantry crane is wheeled, under the bearing main girder there are installed two stabilizer blades which can move directly according to the track on the ground. And the shape of gantry crane is just like a door. The maximum weight gantry cranes can lift even reach up to 500 ton. It is extensively used in the construction, port, storage yard and other industry to achieve the loading and unloading operation and in the manufacturing industry for the assembling of heavy equipments.
  • One of the common gantry cranes is fixed in location which means the things is going to be lifted must be brought to the crane, but the wire ropes or chains can move freely from left to right to transport the load. This kind of gantry cranes is suitable to be used in the factories or indoor, where they are used to transport things on the floor as the product is slowly assembled.
  • By contrary, the other gantry cranes can be adjustable and move forward or back along the track on the ground. This is much more convenient than the fixed gantry cranes.
  • Apart from this, the height of gantry cranes can be also divided into two kinds of fixed and adjustable. The adjustable height gantry crane offers the most flexible lifting solution with the characters of move and adjusted easily to provide different lifting heights. You can choose the most suitable one according to your requirements.
There are different models of gantry cranes. TICO supplies cost-effective gantry cranes with high quality and reasonable price. The mainly gantry cranes are as follows:

Electric Hoist Gantry Crane

electric hoist gantry crane
Electric hoist gantry crane is a small and medium-sized crane with railway which matches the electric hoist of model CD1 or MD1. TICO electric hoist gantry crane can lift load ranges from 1 to 50 tons. The suitable span is from12 to 30 meters, and the working temperature ranges from-20℃ to+40℃.  Electric hoist gantry crane is quite common crane to use to load or unload the materials in the warehouse or outside. Our main different models are:
  • MHA-----single girder electric hoist gantry crane (box type).
  • MHH-----single girder electric hoist gantry crane (trussed).
  • MH II----double girder electric hoist gantry crane.

L Type Single Girder Gantry Crane

L type single gantry crane
L type single girder gantry crane is generally used in the open freight storage and along the railway to work on load and unload of things. Compared to the MG double girder gantry crane, L type single girder gantry crane can’t be restricted by the space when it transports the longer things. What’s more, the height of L type single gantry crane is a little lower when the lifting height is fixed, which can save the cost. And the self-weight of L type single is relatively light. TICO offers L type single girder gantry crane with the capacity of 5-50ton.

A Frame Double Girder Gantry Crane

A frame gantry crane
A frame double girder gantry crane is extensively used in the open storage, railway sideways for loading and unloading work and A frame double girder gantry crane is the most extensive double girder gantry crane. On the basis of the structure, A frame double girder gantry crane are divided into boxes-MG with the lifting weight of 5-320t and trussed structure with lifting weight of 5-50t.

Semi Gantry Crane

tice semi gantry crane
Just as the name implied, semi gantry crane has one leg with the cab, and the other side is supporting by the track or the ground railway, it is one of the most popular gantry cranes in the market. TICO supplies BMG double girder semi gantry crane and electric hoist semi gantry crane. The features and advantages are simple structure, easy maintenance, low noise, electricity save, great exchangeability for parts and components and etc. We can offer different semi gantry cranes with various lifting capacity according to your requirements.
  • Lifting capacity: 2- 16t
  • Lifting height: 6-9m
  • Span: 3-30m
  • Operating mode: pendent switch button operate or remote control or by cabins

Rubber Tyre Mobile Boat Lifting Gantry Crane

tico boat lifting gantry crane
Boat lifting gantry crane is mainly used to transport boats, features are as the following:
  • It adopts electro-hydraulic transmission system in hoisting and traveling parts, which has the characteristics of compact structure, quick response, small volume and light weight.
  • It is suitable for different types of boats because of the movable hoisting points and dynamic balance. what’s more, it can automatically adjust the deflection angle for adaption.
  • This crane can save energy due to the load sensitive control technology.
  • It is good for the hulls surface thanks to the soft but sturdy hoisting belts.
100t-300t Mobile Boat Lifting Gantry Crane Main Parameters
Rated capacity (t)
Grounding specific pressure (kg/c㎡) Grade ability (m/min) Lifting speed (m/min) Running speed (m/min) Working ambient tempt. (℃)
Full-load Non-load Full-load Non-load
100 11.5 2% 0~2 0~5 0~20 0~35 Below 20℃~ above 50℃
150 11 4% 0~1 0~4 0~20 0~35
200 11.5 4% 0~2 0~3 0~20 0~35
300 6.5 4% 0~1 0~3 0~20 0~35

Single Girder Gantry Crane

single girder gantry crane
Introduction Of Single Girder Gantry Crane:
As its name shown, single girder gantry crane is very strong, usually used in yard or warehouse for loading and unloading things, the main beam, legs and travelling beams are made of steel plates. 
  • Lifting Capacity: 3ton-32ton
  • Span(rail to rail center): 6m-35m
  • Lifting height: 6m-12m
  • Control model:  Pendant pushbutton control, cabin control or remote control for choice, or two control models together.

Double Girder Gantry Crane

TICO double girder gantry crane
TICO supplies MG model double girder gantry crane for our clients.Compared to single girder gantry crane, the lifting capacity is more various, usually applied in railway stations or outside plant to finish the loading or unloading of materials.The main components of MG double girder gantry crane are two beams, four support legs, crane travelling systems, trolley and electric equipment. Among them, the beams and legs adopts box-type welding frame, separate drive is used in the crane travelling mechanism.The working grade is A3~A7, working temperature is within -25~+42 degree.
  • Lifting capacity: 5t-250t
  • Span: 12m-35m
  • Lifting height: 6m-30m
Apart from these gantry cranes, TICO can custom the different kinds of gantry cranes according to the customers’ requirements. For more details and quotations, please contact us.
We all know that gantry crane is used to lift very heavy weights, so the operator must receive professional training about the operation and some other things should be pay attention to. Strictly, the operator should have an operating license.

RTG gantry crane

RTG gantry crane is also one of the quiet important gantry cranes. There are rubber tire in the bottom of the crane, the mainly characteristics are of high production efficiency and good maneuverability, the lifting capacity is from 5ton to 250ton. We can customize RTG gantry crane according to your requirements. The working principle of RTG gantry crane, please look at the following video.
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