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As we all know, the crane design, crane specification and operation are all important. Of course, there are different kinds of industry cranes. In general, according to their own characteristics and customers demands, these cranes are used in different occasions. Then, how to achieve the right security operation when operating such a large industry crane? Here is some advice as follows:

Before operating industry cranes

bridge crane operator
First, you must check out the safety inspection of all the equipments, such as the arrester, hook, wire rope and other components. Through the inspection, you must eliminate the abnormal phenomenon of the industry cranes in time.
After checking the equipments, you also cannot close main power supply before making sure that nobody is on the stage or on the track. Or else, you are obliged to find the relevant personnel to carry out the removal.

When operating industry crane

One of the most important things about operating industry crane is the maximum lifting capacity, the weight should be within the maximum load. So the first and urgent thing when operating industry cranes is to make sure the maximum load and check the materials to guarantee this point.  
gantry crane operation
You must ring the bell at once when encounter the following situation: 
  • Starting cart or trolley 
  • Rising or falling weight 
  • Crane travels in the line of sight which is not clear
  • Industry crane collisions each other during operation
  • When lifting the heavy objects near the person.
When the power supply of crane is interrupted suddenly, please place all controller handles in "zero" position immediately and check up whether the operation is normal or not before restarting.
When industry crane is working anti-braking is forbidden. 
when moving direction of the crane, placing hand shank in "zero" position in order to make sure the equipments can work in opposite direction.
Some double girder overhead crane or double girder gantry crane has two lifting hooks, you must take care of the height between them and keep the two hooks work independently so that they can avoid colliding. Simultaneously, the two hooks are forbidden to hang two things at the same time.
Adjusting the arrester of crane when it doesn’t work, of course, it is not allowed to adjust arrester when there are some loadings.
Stopping the crane immediately if you found it is abnormal.
operating tower cranes

After work

when stopping operation of industry cranes, the hook is elevated to a certain height and the hand shake of controller should be placed in “zero” position. Other equipments are also should be put in the settled places. 
As for overhead crane, please place cart and trolley in the designated position.
Putting down the protection box switch handle down and cutting off the electricity supply.
The industry crane should be maintained regularly.
When you are operating industry cranes, the correct operation can not only protect lives of people, reduce the cost of unnecessary things, but also avoid the serious cost of the accident. So, I want to say it again, operation safety is quite important, apart from in accordance with the above rules, you must wear safety helmet and protective equipment when you operate the crane or near the industry cranes.

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