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TICO, a professional supplier of industry cranes, possesses all kinds of cranes, but how to classify all of these confused industry cranes? According to different classification, the industry cranes are different, so let’s look at the differences together. 

Different places or different functions

In terms of the public, when refers to industry cranes, arise in everyone’s mind is gantry crane, overhead crane, jib crane, portable crane and etc. And we can divided industry crane from another point, according to the working places or the different functions. In general, we can put the industry crane into three catalogue, namely, port crane, engineering crane and light crane. Among these cranes, in port crane, there are mainly the rubber tired gantry crane, grab ship unloader crane, etc. but in the engineering cranes, there are many kinds and common industry cranes, like single girder crane, double girder crane and gantry crane. Apart from this, jib crane, wind turbine crane and clean type electric hoist crane belong to the light crane. 
industrial crane

According to the appearance

Not all the cranes are looks the same, so according to the different appearances, there are so many industry cranes, here I want to talk about the main and common cranes we use. For example, there are single girder bridge crane, double girder bridge crane, gantry crane, semi gantry crane, floor mounted crane, portable articulated jib crane, wall jib crane, monorail crane and etc. 

Rubber tired gantry crane 

Here I want to discuss the rubber tire gantry crane with you specially. Rubber tire gantry crane, usually abbreviate to RTG gantry crane, is mainly applied in the lifting, transporting and loading of passenger transport special railway line, concrete box girder in the bridge project etc. with the advanced performance such as high production efficiency, good maneuverability and small sensitivity, the main components are steel frame, minimum slewing mechanism, hoisting mechanism and spreader anti-shaking mechanism, turning mechanism, container spreader, etc. The lifting capacity is from 5t to 250t. TICO can customize gantry crane according to your special request, and supply the design concept to the manufacturing and assembling and drawing etc.
rubber tired gantry crane
In a word, there are many kinds of cranes according to different standards, and later in my blog, I will share each industry crane with you, please focus of close attention to my website:
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