Wind turbines installation process

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Wind power generation is a promising industry. There have been a great number of companies getting involved and make contributions to cutting greenhouse gases. With large volume and heavy weight, wind tower construction takes heavy work. Therefore, it is necessary to make full preparation and get familiar with wind turbine installation process.
wind power plant

Preparation work before construction

  • Check and confirm the wind turbine foundations accord with the construction requirement.
  • Make sure the power transmission and distribution project in wind power plant has been checked and accepted.
  • Make sure the climate on construction day is favorable. The maximum ground wind speed is under 12 meters per second.
  • Technicians and construction department are familiar with the instruction manual provided by wind turbine manufacturer.
  • Organize the construction team, mainly dominated by technicians from manufacturers, and define the only director on the construction site.
  • Make up a detailed operation plan under the guidance of the director. Specify the work duty of every person. Clarify the operation sequence, construction procedure, technical requirement and installation standards. Prepare construction devices for every procedure according to the project requirements.
  • Clean up the construction site, clear away the sundries to make a way for the transport vehicles.
  • Clean up the foundation of wind turbines, the surface of foundation ring. For wind towers with foundation bolts, clean up the surface and remove the rust-proof package. Add machine oil and restore damaged threads.
  • Wind turbine construction cranes have already been prepared on the construction site.
  • Register the wind turbines delivery and picking procedure. Installation director check construction materials according to the plan and bills. Remove the package and clean up workplace before materials are transported to the site.

wind turbine construction

Wind turbine installation process

Wind tower erection

Traditionally, there are two ways to erect wind towers. The first way is to use a 50 ton crane to erect the lower parts, and then hoist the middle and top parts together with blades and nacelles. It requires a crane above 16 ton to assist. The other way is to use a crane above 130 ton, whose lifting height is twice that of wind towers. It can erect all parts of a wind tower at a time. To maximize the utilization of heavy duty crane, it is suitable for a large amount of wind tower erection.
Wind tower erection
The traditional installation methods are neither efficient nor economical. Therefore, TICO provide a third solution. It requires a 50 ton crane to erect the lower part of the crane first. Then use the specialized wind tower climbing crane to climb up the tower and hoist the upper parts as well as the blades and nacelles. This solution have an advantage in mobility, quickness and cost efficiency.  
wind turbine crane working

Hoisting and installation of nacelles

Regarding nacelles with hinged covers, technicians usually open up two sides of the cover, then fasten slings or wire ropes to the nacelle. Then cranes hoist it to the top while keeping the bottom of yaw bearing horizontal.
As for those nacelles with horizontal cutting machine, the covers have to be hoisted separately. If the wheel hub and two blades have been installed in the nacelle, remember to lock the rotor shaft and tighten the brakes before hoisting.
Wind Turbine Nacelles Lifting

Hoist and install wind turbine blades

Use two cranes to hoist the blades together, with the major crane holding the end of the 2 upward blades and turning them 90 degrees to adjust the direction. After withdraw the assistant crane, connect the wind turbine blades to the rotor shaft on the top of the wind tower.
wind turbine blades installation

Place the control cabinet

If the control cabinet is on the concrete foundation of wind tower, it must be placed before the tower installation. If it is fixed at the lower platform of wind tower, it can be put in through the tower gate before or after putting the cables.

Electric wiring

Put cables to the right place and complete all connection work of control and power cables.

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